Tying a Windsor knot with Tie Supply

The Windsor knot is the most traditional style of knot for a tie, originally thought to have been named after the Edward VIII, however, it is more likely that this tie knot was created and named after his father, George V – Check out our range to try your hand at this knot.

Step 1

Balance the tie around your collar, personally I sit the narrow end of the tie three buttons up from the top of the suit trouser waist.

Step 2

Cross the wider end of the tie over the narrow end

Step 3

Take the wide end back through and over the neck loop

Step 4

Bring the wider tie end behind the narrow tie end

Step 5

Loop the wider end of the tie over the space between the collar and loop (the tie will now be facing outward)

Step 6

Bring the wider end of the tie across the front of the semi formed Windsor knot

Step 7

Loop the tie behind the semi formed tie knot and bring over the top to the front

Step 8

Place the wider tie end through the knot and pull to tighten, while pinching the knot to retain shape of your Windsor Knot

Step 9

Tighten to the collar pulling the narrow end of the tie, completing your Windsor Knot

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